Installing a new floor

The flooring in the van was old, marked and scruffy. Here’s how I put a new one in. Firstly, I didn’t bother taking the old floor up and insulating under it. I didn’t feel as though there would be much heat transfer through the floor, especially as it already had two sheets of ply (one had obviously been installed on top of another previously), so essentially I would just be adding another layer. I started off by buying three large sheets of ply (which barely fit in my dad’s car).

One of three large sheets of ply, ready for cutting to size
I would have to cut round the shapes of the wheel arches and side door step pretty accurately to have a floor which fitted nicely. Measure and measure again is always key! (But I won’t pretent I got the fit 100% perfect…) To get the shape of the wheel arches, I measured out from the wall and in from the inner side of the arch to create points on the ply. Then I used a paper template to join the points and achieve the curve.

Manic woodcutting selfie

(Borat voice) Great success! The first piece fits

It looks so much nicer with a nice new floor in!
After cutting each piece to size I used two tubs of Wickes parquet and cork adhesive to glue the floor down, as well as drilling holes (and countersinking) three quarter inch screws to screw the new flooring to the old. 

Finally I sealed around the edges using left over sikaflex 


I had left over Sikaflex from sealing the window/ roof light, any old sealant will do though
The back half of the new floor will stay as it is, as it will be the storage area under the bed (I’ll varnish or oil it in due time to protect it from any water that might get in during loading.) The portion of floor in front of this I will most likely cover with some wood-effect vinyl flooring (something that looks good and is easy to clean!)

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